Earlier this year i was privileged enough to attend a Robin Banks Mind Power workshop. I say privileged because firstly its a life altering, leap in your awareness & consciousness that you will probably never reach on your own; and secondly, because it aint cheap & many may struggle to understand the value of investing this money in yourself, believing you can’t afford to.

I would be right there in the latter, I can make peace with (a little difficulty, but i get there yes) dropping a grand maybe 2 at Zara but a few thousand bucks on a 4 day course that won’t even add value to my CV, increase my earning potential or make me look good? Especially in such financially lean times – a woman needs to prioritize!! As it is I’m the only woman in the office who doesnt go for “Gellish nails”, in fact I’ve never been, i’m not even sure how you spell that?

I would never have thought I could afford to do a course like this, but since I’ve done it, i dont think anyone can afford not to. I was very fortunate, and it will be the best 3k my concerned mother ever spent on me. I mean invested in me. She found out about the course, signed me up & sent me on my way – i had no clue what i was in for.

Being something of an A-type personality, i stress a lot, i was smoking, i had developed IBS (aka an unknown chronic stomach problem), I’ve struggled with anxiety disorder on and off for years, i got sick so often I went to see Cape Town’s professor of Immunology to test my immune system’s IGG levels which i was convinced was severely deficient, and many a blood test later, proved i was right, and most concerning of all – I seemed to attract more problems & difficulties as time went on including a history of dysfunctional relationships.

But i was surviving, i wasnt falling apart, i have a job, a house, a daughter, I wasn’t dying or destitute, but i wasnt really happy, living my dreams, fulfilling my potential, feeling positive about where my life was at or sure of where i even wanted to be, but then thats quite normal too? I mean only a privileged few really manage all that right? And then there’s usually a safety net of money somewhere right behind them so they can run off to join a rock band and find themselves?

It would be impossible to convey all that I learned, you must try to do the course, but failing that you can buy the book or read more about Mind Power on John Kehoe’s blog (who developed Mind Power). One priceless thing I did learn is not to worry. It consumes lots of energy, thought space, negativity, stress, distraction etc and it achieves absolutely nothing, nothing NOTHING!. Once you realise just how pointless it is, and how much more peaceful you feel learning not to entertain these thoughts you’ll never look back. I no longer worry, and that alone has relieved me of much stress which in turn has helped me to be happy, enjoy the present, appreciate everything i have, be healthier, be less anxious, I’ve stopped smoking and I hardly get sick anymore. Ironically, this course has improved my earning potential & attractiveness, by improving my state of mind.

It hasn’t really helped me much to be less of a procrastinator though, and boy was i born gifted in that area. But since i dont worry much, I accept that in all honesty…. i will leave everything to the last damn minute, and thats just how it is!!

I saw Robin Banks posted this cartoon on Facebook & i thought it was hilarious, as i read through the different scene’s i could immediately identify different friends. I think most of us probably fall into more than just one category. I myself am definitely the “List Maker” first & foremost, which is usually followed by “The sidetracker”, then “The social sharer” & then of course “The napper” after exhausting myself with the first 3.

So dont feel bad or alone in this department, I’ve come to enjoy & feel i deserve my self-indulgent procrastination time, it makes me happy.