Wow the shit thats going down in my garden, being spring and all, you’re in for a treat…I spent a good few minutes stretched out in awkward positions amidst sand & bricks in the fading afternoon sunlight yesterday, attempting to capture some Mandy-Magic in the garden’s evening light.

First, I bring you….THE LAVENDER….

It must be mentioned, i dont really like Lavender, its not that pretty & it attracts bee’s. But my Ex LOVED┬áit. Planted it everywhere! Yes he was one of those shoe-less earth loving, gardening, lavender planting, hippie types. He also said it was about the only thing that would stay alive in my garden, since it doesnt really need any watering or care (You can see the respect he had for my gardening skills right there!). He was right…I actually thought I’d almost killed it by the end of summer when it was looking rather withered shrivelled & forlorn, but alas the Cape’s excessive winter rains has revived it back to its full glory & then some.