Its not about watching your kid win a race, its the pride you feel that they had the courage to try even when they know they’re not sporting achievers and they probably wont come any where near winning.

My daughter is very shy, we really had to talk her into signing up for her first ever race in her school’s swim gala. Her dad & I believe she is a really good swimmer & she has been in swimming lessons since age 3. The problem is though, she is always outsized in physical activities. She is really tiny.

She is almost 10 but not yet even 20kg, she wears age 6 clothing. She was born 11 weeks prematurely and that combined with my petite frame means she looks 5 years younger than she is. Thats hard to compete in anything against kids your own age.

She didnt come last, which was an achievement in itself. I dont actually know if she came 5th or 6th, it doesnt matter. She had the guts to try in front of her whole school & we are so proud of her.