The last sunset of 2013

For once i didnt feel any regret as I watched the sun go down on Camps Bay beach, a glass of good wine in hand, and good company, as i bid farewell to another eventful & challenging year. I had set a lot of quite ambitious goals for myself and for the most part I had pretty much conquered them all, I had a lot to feel good about & be grateful for!

I had quit smoking in June, I am A LOT healthier, I pretty much got over my IBS problems completely, i am less stressed, doing more of what I love & finally closed the door on a 3 year toxic relationship, which I’m pretty sure was the cause of a lot of my health problems to begin with. And lastly i made a new important friend or two 🙂

For 2014 I have a few more ambitious goals, everything achieved in 2013 needs to step up a few more levels, I need to get a lot fitter & stronger, before age has its way with me. I am trying to settle on a physical goal to achieve since just going to the gym or just running isn’t motivation enough, but I dont exactly want to do triathlons or compete either… hmmm

I am going to spend less and save more!!! Hahaha…lets hope!! (may be the toughest of all my 2014 goals)

More work on myself, my mind, and my talents & loves

Reduce my anxiety medication

Spend more quality time with my friends who I sadly neglected last year in the pursuit of my own self healing & development

And blog more often…

Hope you are also feeling inspired for a fresh start, a new beginning, and a whole new year ahead to become more awesome than last year! xx