I love cats, I mean I LOVE cats… I also love photography, so this was one of the most fun & deeply satisfying things I’ve done.

Its my first real attempt at what I’ve decided to name “Catography”, ie. beautiful kitty pics…hey maybe I’ll start a trend, call me when you get a kitten, okay. I think I may even want to give pups a go.

Anyhow, i must stop waffling, here are some photo’s I took of a couple friend of mine’s 2 most gorgeous kittens. Elena & John Miles have these 2 beautiful babies, Griffin – a silver Chinchilla persian who is 6 months old; and Olivia – a 14 wk old Birman kitten. Incase you too want gorgeous babies like these, both are from Cape Town breeders.  The Chinchilla is from breeder Stuart Seaton of Mistys Cattery, and the Birman baby is from Jeanne le Roux of Classicats cattery.

Click the first photo below in the gallery and it will enlarge to full size and you can easily scroll through the pics or watch the slide show immediately below.