A new little family of three, their first baby after years of battling infertility. This was a shoot like no other.


Mom contacted me after following my work on Instagram for sometime and said she loved my realistic – reportage style of photography. She requested I include some photo’s of her breast feeding as this is such a special time which she also wants to be able to look back upon.


For me this was a magnificent opportunity to photograph in such an intimate scene and with creative freedom in ‘my’ style.


In what should have been around a 50 image shoot, turned out to be final edited 150 images… there were just so many beautiful shots I really couldn’t narrow it down further.


The Mom had already granted me permission to share her images prior to the shoot – but after sending her the images I asked if I may share one or two of the breast feeding and her response was immediately encouraging.


Her words…. “People need to get comfortable with this, this is totally normal and natural, women should not have to feel weary of public reaction or other’s discomfort with this, …Free the breast!”